Hidden changes in Tesla Spring Updates

Hidden changes in Tesla Spring Updates hint at new features in the coming months:

Tesla Voice Assistant (with wake word and Jenny Natural voice from Microsoft)

Amazon Music

 “Restricted Drivers” profiles (with extra restrictions, profile icon will have “training wheels” attached)

Preparation for driver occupancy sensor removal

19” and 20” Warp wheels assets for Model 3 Performance

Option to erase user data

Tesla 2024.26 software update will add “Parental Controls,” the ultimate feature for parents:

New Tesla software feature will show the weather conditions alongside the temperature: "When air quality is poor, your vehicle also shows an AQI symbol and index value.

Tap the temperature on your touchscreen to see details about your local weather forecast, such as the weather condition, highs and lows of the day, and the chance of rain. Requires Premium Connectivity."