Electric Car News of July 2024 Ferrari EV Price, Tesla Discount

Tesla Secures Long-Term Lithium Carbonate Supply Deal with China’s Yahua Industrial Group.

BMW said today it had canceled a $2.15 billion order for battery cells for its electric vehicles with Northvolt.

Top Ten EV models sold in the US in April… Tesla has 4 models on the list.

Lucid rushes to grab failed Fisker’s Ocean trademark.

11. Tesla just discounted our windshield replacement by $900! 

Trade in a gas car for a Tesla and receive up to $10,000 off point of sale through California’s clean cars for all incentive.

Range Rover battery pack wins Guinness World Record

Ford announces F-150 Lightning SuperTruck Pikes Peak racer

Tesla ready to roll out massive Cybertruck charging improvements

Ferrari names its price for its first EV $500,000

Tesla Virtual Power Plant invites sent out to community housing tenants in Australia

Tesla Model 3s equipped with Intel Atom chip may get full-screen visualization soon!. Check out this video, which gives hope to all Atom car owners. Tesla likely needs some extra testing to release it, as I predicted weeks ago.