Tesla Top 10 Shareholders Name, Elon Musk Total Shares, Blackrock

Tesla Top 10 Shareholders Name, Elon Musk Total Shares with percentage, Blackrock Elon musk shareholders News.

Here are the top five shareholders in Tesla company. First one is Elon musk, who have 12.9% of share second name is Vanguard group that has 7.3% third one is black rock ink, which have 5.9% of shares for one is state Street global advisors Inc. that have 3.5% fifth one is GEODE capital management LLC that have 1.8%shareholders.

A special committee noted that Tesla stockholder view about their company are important for their views on Mr Musk compensation, motivation and retention, especially important because at the company public disclosure have set for years. The company is highly depended on the services of Elon musk. As a result, the company relationship with Mr. Musk is a key focus of the board stockholder engagement program.

Special committee noted that right now issue has also galvanised many retail stockholders more than 6000 individuals claiming to be stockholders of Tesla who owning more than 23 million total shares which is equivalent to the 11 largest institutional stockholder. 

Here are the top ten shareholders of Tesla as of 2024:

1.Elon Musk: 12.91% (411.68 million shares)

2.Vanguard Group Inc: 7.32% (233.60 million shares)

3.BlackRock Inc: 5.91% (188.37 million shares)

4.State Street Corp: 3.51% (111.83 million shares)

5.Geode Capital Management LLC: 1.78% (56.91 million shares)

6.Morgan Stanley: 1.26% (40.19 million shares)

7.Capital World Investors: 1.23% (39.10 million shares)

8.JPMorgan Chase & Co: 0.88% (28.01 million shares)

9.Northern Trust Corp: 0.75% (24.01 million shares)

10.FMR LLC: 0.72% (23.03 million shares) .