Tesla Starlink Australia Mini Version Kit, Specification’s

almost 1% of Australia, entire population uses space Starlink, and this is breaking news space has officially announced that they are selling Starlink Mini Version

an early Starlink customer will be given some offers and that offer may be they are being invited to purchase the starling mini kit for five $99, and they have opportunity to bundle the mini room service with their existing residential service plan for an additional or by giving $30 per month. however, the price will drop later.

Let’s check some important specification of Starlink mini

Starlink mini 63% lighter than starling Dish

It has built in Wi-Fi router. It has lower power consumption and it has Dc power input and maximum download speed is over hundred MBPS.

And it can also fit in your backpack, maybe only a little bigger than a piece of paper

So when will be the delivery date of Starlink mini will start according to SpaceX. The delivery date of Starling mini is in July 2024.

And its operating temperature is -30° to 50°C

The mini roam service is an additional $30 per month for 50 GB of mobile data and that can be used anywhere in the United States for one dollar per GB for additional data.

And the Mini invitation is only valid for one order on every account.