Tesla Spring Update FSD 2024.14.9, New Features, Cybertruck, Model Y S 3 X

Tesla 2024.14.9 software update known as Spring Update is rolling out to the 2nd batch of users (~4-5% of the fleet). Spring update has everything to do with FSD 12. The new UI on 2024.14 will either contain FSD V 11 or FSD V 12. These release notes are available for the book fix release, which includes 22 undocumented changes.

Tesla new auto shift in action that is included in the 2024 spring update and currently only available for model X and model S and it will also include in the model three performance. This system is game changer.

You can also see the health of your HEPA and Kevin filter from the service menu in the TeslaV 12 spring update.

Change lock for 2024.14
FSD supervised V 12.3.6
Tesla vision Park assist
Better route available notification
Average speed Jones
Speed camera chime
Trip progress bar
Improved wipers controls
Auto shift beta
Hands-free trunk
Preview of centric mode recordings
Increased regenerative, breaking on highway
Audible support
Additional info, rear screen, such as trip, details, time, and temperature

Tesla spring update, cyber truck only features
Of road mode
Terrain options in Bhaja mode
Trail assist