Tesla Shareholder’s AGM Vote News, Cross Border Voting

According to Financial Times- Tens of thousands of Tesla’s international retail shareholders AGM Vote with around $17 billion of stock (~3% of all shares) may be unable to vote at its annual meeting because investment platforms have failed to put adequate cross-border systems in place.

Many shareholders come investors in Europe and Asia have found that they are unable to finger their words electronically from outside the Tesla country because the stock brokers and online trading platform where they have their share account do not have proper management system.

Recently, Tesla has released a new video, encouraging that shareholder to vote in their annual meeting of stockholders, which will be on 1213 June 2024. Shareholder of Tesla are trying to increase people to vote against  CEO Elon musk $56 billion pay packet saying mask is distracted by the other company. He is running like space X and X, which was previously known as Twitter. 

Morgan Stanley Adam Jones has released a new note of Tesla note after running and survey about Tesla upcoming shareholder board and in their survey 57% of our 109 survey response. Expect approval of Elon musk package outnumbering the portion of respondent who accept non-approval by two ratio one.