Tesla FSD 2024.20.3 Autopilot Suspension, Software Update

Tesla FSD 2024.20.3 Autopilot Suspension, Tesla FSD 2024.20.3 Software Update: Hello guys welcome new software update for Tesla 3rd batch users Tesla as mention updates of Tesla 2024.20.3 software update and there will be updates related to headlights adapt for curves.

Some improvements while driving on highway and autopilot suspension power front door beach buggy racing 2 as well as hot weather improvements.

And auto HVAC cools down faster and vehicle better rregulates the HV battery temperature for enhance supercharger performance reduces noise level during hot weather. 

And Tesla has also begin their testing of full self driving in China very soon FSD will be launched recently Tesla has gained approval to test it advanced driving assistance system which is known as a d a s on selected districts in Shanghai. Tesla is very popular in China and very soon when self driving system will be launched in China it will give a good impression in the Asia.

Tesla Cybertruck Software Update Incoming: 
Hello guys here are some news update on cyber truck software update and according to X you will be getting a minor update some minor fixes on FSD right now Tesla is giving back new  update  to their customer according to batch. Maybe new update will come in July month 

Here is bad news for some cybertrack owner who wants to take their delivery recently an entire parking which is full of cyber truck and those cyber truck was painted with spray on the side of each truck but good news is spray paint has been cleaned off.