Tesla FSD 12.4.1 Software Update Beta, Boring Company Tunnel

Elon Musk said Tesla cars would get xai's Grok in the future.

The Boring Company has announced that Profrock-3 has officially emerged inside Tesla's Giga Texas factory expansion. This tunnel will be used to transport Cybertrucks to the outbound lot for car carrier shipment. Tunnel will open next month!

Tesla’s “headlights adapt to curves” feature included in the 2024.20.1 software update!

2 billion miles have been driven with Tesla FSD. It took only 2 months to achieve 1 billion miles thanks to the widespread release of v12.

Elon confirmed that FSD (Supervised) v12.4.1 will not be widely released. It obviously needs more fixing, and versions 12.4.2 or 12.4.3 will probably be the candidates to replace v12.3.6.

FSD (Supervised) v12.4.1 now displays a green light next to the AP icon when the new Vision-Based Attention Monitoring feature is active.

Tesla Software Upgrade Car Navigation Systems in china Hidden changes in Tesla 2024.20.1 software update found by:

1. Completely reworked trip planner, aka “Voyage”

2. Removal of MAME and Atari games

3. Recording Studio” feature in Caraoke (record your singing and apply various special effects)

4. Display of expected range with trailer

5. Support for new Google Places API

6. Tracking of “Typical fleet Wh per Mile” for segments (both with & without trailers)