Range Rover Hybrid Battery Car Price, 1.7 KWH

A Video was posted on X and in that video Range Rover customer was in service centre and his range rover is hybrid and he posted on X that hybrid battery for 31000 pound with 1.7 kwh and he quotes is hybrid a new Diesel gate.

He says range rover battery pack wins Guinness World record and it cost more than a complete car and it is primary reason why people hate electric vacation and why EV sales are declining because hybrid or something which relates to EV narrative. 

Yes maybe hybrid Car are more expensive than electric car and normal diesel and petrol car depending on the company which you are buying any also mention Tesla unit price which is something 8960

Other top news

1. Tesla 2024.20.6 software update has been detected and is rolling out the 2nd batch of users (~5%)!

2. The new Autopark feature is now available for both USS and non-USS cars (like the Tesla upgraded Model 3) outside of North America

3. Tesla 2024.20.3 software update is rolling out to the 6th batch of users (~40% of the fleet)!

Only minor fixes are expected compared to 2024.20.1.

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6. NEWS: Electric hypercar maker Rimac today unveiled their robotaxi prototype, called Verne.