Ford To Develop Latitude AI Self Driving Technology

Ford To Develop Latitude AI Self Driving Technology: Here your watching the most expensive car in the world and the most expensive car name is Bugatti tourbillon. The most unique thing about this car it's design it's wheel it's engine it's technology and the most important thing is it's steering wheel. When any Bugatti lover will go to the showroom of this company or when he or she will drive this car then there most attraction point will be Bugatti steering wheel. It's steering wheel just look like watch on your hand.

The price of this car is 4 million dollar and this is hybrid hypercar. And the bad thing about this car is only 250 units will be sold in this earth so if you are want to buy then you should directly go to book to showroom and book as soon as possible and your Bugatti car will be delivered within 6 month of time. 

It has an 8.3 litre v16 engine which produces 1800 horsepower from its three electric motor and their change the door to butterfly doors.

The team who have designed this car are very fond of jewellery. So what you like about this car comment as below and congratulation for your 2026 Bugatti tourbillion.