X2 Flying Electric Car Price in US, Honda EV cars Launch Date

X2 flying electric car made by Chinese brand Xiaopeng is expected to be mass-produced in 2025, with an estimated price of 1 million RMB ($140,000).

Q-BRISE Electric Car launch took place at The Bristol Hotel in Dubai. The event was graced by Mr. Giraud, the esteemed managing director of Q-BRISE, hailing from France. 

Mahindra e2O electric (little) car is upcoming 

Renault Twingo EV is Back: Renault has officially announced the return of the Twingo, and it's making a green statement with an all-electric version.

EU set to suspend Brexit tariffs on EVs for three years in major boost for car industry. Very good news for UK car industry, and EV transition. A 10% tariff on UK EVs being exported to EU.

EV ride-hailing company @BluSmartIndia plans to double its all-electric fleet size to 10,000 cars by March, 2024. 

The battery cells in an EV contains approx 

1. 17 pounds of lithium carbonate, 

2. 77 pounds of nickel, 

3. 44 pounds of manganese, 

4. 30 pounds of cobalt. 

Honda to debut new electric car models globally at upcoming 2024 CES

Tesla supercharger in Ireland Hungary Romania

Kia EV9 offers free charging on sale.

Jackary Explorer 500 portable power stations