Tesla Upcoming Low Cost EV 2024, Cybertruck ‘Basecamp’ tent, Profit Margin

Tesla Profit Margin 2023: Record-Breaking $9,574 Net Profit Per Car.

Thailand Prime Minister Seta stated in an interview that Tesla's senior management will visit Thailand this week to discuss potential site selection for a new factory. He said Tesla plans to invest at least $5 billion.

Tesla has launched a limited time $1,227 USD insurance incentive in China for RWD Model 3/Y buyers if they take delivery by the end of the year.

Merseyside Police in the UK have added a Tesla Model Y to their fleet for testing.

Tesla also released POWERSHARE with Cybertruck.  Can power your home for over three days (assuming 30kWh/day) at 11.5kW continuous power. 

Tesla Cybertruck ‘Basecamp’ tent, solar, and beast mode, leak through app.

NEWS: Tesla, Boeing sign on to new Al Gore-backed database showing supplier emissions to build low-emissions supply chains: ‘A truthful stocktake’

Tesla Korea registered 3,563 vehicles in November. ModelY:3,542. Model'Y popularity is definitely good in Korea. Where Highland hits the market next year, it can boost sales.

Elon Musk Low cost ev: We’re working on a Tesla Upcoming Low Cost EV 2024 that will be made in very high volume. I review the production line plans every week. It’s not like any car production line that anyone has ever seen. The first production line is in Texas. Mexico will be the second” HUGE!