Tesla Cybertruck PowerShare 2023 Home, Backup, Outlets

Tesla Cybertruck can power your home, EV, tools, and more. One of the biggest capabilities in Tesla Cybertruck is PowerShare.

Fast and WI-FI enabled charging solution that can charge both Tesla and non Tesla EV cars,  POWERSHARE HOME BACKUP FUNCTIONALITY FOR CYBERTRUCK COMING BY MID- 2024.

"Tesla vehicles* equipped with Powershare technology have onboard electronics that unlock your battery’s ability to provide power whenever you need it, wherever you are. Whether you need to power a construction site, pre-game tailgate, another electric vehicle or even your home during an outage, your Tesla vehicle with Powershare has you covered.'

1. Home backup: Max Continuous Real Power is 11.5 kW

2. Outlets: Max Continuous Real Power is 9.6 kW

3. PowerShare Mobile Connector Gateway V3 

Equipments: Equipment sold separately. No additional equipment required when homes are equipped with Powerwall and Wall Connector.

$595 for the Universal Wall Connector.

Tesla Gateway and Backup Switch (Optional) are listed on the website.