Toyota Solid State Battery EV 1200 Km, Upcoming Electric Car

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Mostly all Electric car companies are working to provide comfort in the name of range. But still you have to pay more on getting good mileage in electric cars. Mercedes, BYD, Honda, General Motors have promised to launch 800+ plus miles range of electric cars. These companies engineers are working hard day and night.

Japanese company Toyota has invented Solid State Battery Technology which will give more power to EV cars. The first Solid State Battery enabled EV car will be launched in 2026 and its mass production to begin from 2028.

EV cars currently using lithium ion battery but new battery will be in solid state instead of liquid.

According to company officers, the first generation of Toyota EV cars may get Solid State battery that gives 1200 km range on single charge.

Best thing about Solid State battery technology is within 10 minutes you get 80 percent battery charge that satisfies your needs.

But good news is Toyota will not stop by making 1200 SSB Battery. Their 2nd or 3rd generation electric cars may give 1500 km range on single charge.

So the future of Toyota EV is very good and environment friendly also. It will help 3 people needs Nature, costumer and company itself.

Recently Toyota launched premium SUV electric cars - Bz4x electric cars.