Tesla Event Tickets 2024 Model 3, Cybertruck, 10,000 credits

Tesla has confirmed on Instagram that the Cybertruck event will stream exclusively on X at 2PM CT.

Tesla Event Tickets 2023: Parking and Transportation:

Limited on-site parking will be available. We recommend using a rideshare service for transportation to and from the event.


1:00 PM: Check-In Begins

1:45 PM: Check-In Closes

2:00 PM: Keynote & First Deliveries

Tesla has increased the Cybertruck reservation price to $250 (from $100). 

Tesla Malaysia Model 3 Delivery Invitation: Tesla is sending VIP invitation for model 3 first delivery In Malaysia.

Tesla has changed the Loyalty benefits in North America for Model 3 and Model Y buyers. Tesla now gives you 10,000 credits instead of 3 free months of FSD Capability.

Tesla patented a process for multi-layer electrode films. Tesla is proposing more than one active layer to improve performance.

Tesla Megapack Battery: A $150 million Tesla Megapack battery in Queensland, Australia. It will be able to power 33,000 homes in the evening peak for two hours before needing to recharge.

Tesla is finally offering HEPA filter retrofits for  2021 and older Model Ys in the US. You can request the retrofit in the Tesla app.

Tesla plans to open a futuristic diner and drive-in theater in California.

- The company reportedly broke ground on the project in September.

- The project includes a rooftop theater and movies that run for as long as it takes to charge an EV.

Tesla is planning a 24-hour diner and drive-in theater. Check out the latest image.