Tesla Employees News 2024 Cybertruck, Model Y, Cyberbeer

Tesla now has 140,000 employees worldwide, with 70,000 of those in the US alone. At the end of 2022 Tesla had 127k.

Tesla cleared of claim that it fired Giga New York employees for unionizing. A U.S. labor board has thrown out a complaint alleging that Tesla fired dozens of workers over unionizing efforts at its Gigafactory in New York.

Many people think Tesla is a car company. But it's actually a Tech Company that wanted to implement self-driving tech etc. so they built a car.

Tesla Model Y Price in China Increase: Tesla has increased the price of the Model Y Long Range in China by ($344 to 400 USD). 

Tesla has added Cyberbeer to its referral program in the US for 5,000 credits.

Tesla Model Y is on track to be the best selling car overall in Europe for 2023. This would be the first time an EV took the top spot.

Tesla YouTube Advertisement 2024: Tesla has released a new advertisement on YouTube.
Related to 50,000 Superchargers worldwide, Model 3 starts at $31,490 after Federal tax credit.

Tesla Cybertruck Measurements 2024: measurements of the Cybertruck at the Tesla Store (even the employee didn’t know the measurements so we did it together). Here they are: 

• Wheels: 33.5''
• Length: 22'7''
• Width: 6'
• Height: 6'1''