Squad Mobility Electric Solar Car Top 10 Features, Price in US

Squad Mobility Electric Solar Car Top 10 Features, Price in US, Squad Solar City Car, Best way to use car without any fuel is Solar Energy. After lithium revolution, scientist main focus is to make those vehicle which charges on solar cells. But what about during night, how we will charge it. So hybrid car is best option where Lithium batteries or solid state batteries have best option.

Squad Solar City Car Price: Squad is an affordable solution for most consumers with a retail price starting at € 6250, - ex. tax or through a monthly lease or subscription. The all new solar powered city to soon debut in US market. The cost and price of Squad solar car is approximately $6500. 

Squad Solar City car can charge itself with solar roof cells.

It has swappable battery option, means no need to worry about discharge. 

Squad Solar city car comes under European regulations of L6 and L7. Squad L6 standard car can run upto 45 km per hour and L7 standard car can go upto 70 KM per hour.

Total 4 people can sit Solar city car and no car drivers licence is required for L6 standard car.

The solar panel works in any light, also in the shade. The solar panel can charge up to 22 km per day in The Netherlands and 31 km in Spain.

length of this aluminium space frame car is only 2 meters.

Each battery has a capacity of 1,6 kWh adding up to 6,4 kWh max, offering a range up to 100 km.