NIU XQi3 Electric Bike 2024 Legal Dirt E Bike

NIU XQi3 Electric Bike 2024 New EV Bike December, Niu Legal Dirt E Bike: NIU develops world’s first smart electric scooter. They have launched various varieties EV scooter from Beijing to London and London to Los Angeles. There are 3 2 wheelers vehicle was showcased in Electrify expo KQi scooters, BQi, and brand new XQi3 dirt bike.

Upto the end of 2023, NIU Mobility unleash 3 bikes  XQi3 dirt bike, RQi motorcycle, SQi motorcycle

Introducing the XQi3 dirt bike features: 

1.Peak power: 6000W (8000W with ultra boost)

2.Battery Range: 55 miles / 90 kilometers

3.Speed: 75km/h/47mph (offroad version) or 45 kmh/28mph (onroad version)

4. Front & rear adjustable KKE suspension

Front & rear disc brakes

5. Swappable 72v32Ah LG lithium-ion battery with 21700 cells

Smart features like NFC lock/unlock, route tracking, lap timer and call answering

Available in 2 models: XQi3 Street (onroad version) and XQi3 Wild (offroad version) from February 2024.

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