Honda Sustaina C Electric City Car, Top 8 Features, Specifications

Honda Sustaina C Electric City Car, Top 8 Honda Sustaina C Pocket EV Features, Specifications: In Tokyo Motor Show, Honda reveals electric car made with recycled materia and reused acrylic resign. The Cherry coloured Honda Sustaina C is inspired from two company engineers Honda and Pocket EV.

The shape and design of Honda Sustaina Electric City car reminds us our classic days during 90s. Company replied Sustaina C supports both environment and freedom of future mobility. Honda yet not revealed launching date and the number of Sustaina C cars they will make.

Honda Sustaina C based on the concept of EGO and Eco. EGO what you want to do and exp means environment friendly. Before making this car Honda has collaborated with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.Let’s have a looks important features and specifications:-

1.It’s acrylic resin has excellent weather resistance and surface smoothness.

2.The display lights are used not only for the lamp lighting function but also for showing the state of charge while parking and communicating with other vehicles.

3. The screen-like tailgate made by drawing on the characteristics of acrylic resin.

4.By making Sustaina C (acrylic materials collected from used products into recycled materials) Honda will continue moving forward towards achieving its “Triple Action to ZERO” goal by the year 2050.

5. Honda Sustaina C is expected to get battery pack of 35.5 KWh

6. It can go more than 137 miles per charge.

7. Built in Solar panel to charge itself

8. It’s is two seater car with six wide angle camera.