Tata Motors 5600 Employee Bonus, Permanent vs Temporary Workers

Tata Motors 5600 Employee Bonus, Tata Motors Permanent vs Temporary Workers Bonus amount 2022 2023 : Tata motors employee of Jamshedpur plant, going to get their bonus of 2022 and 2023. Tata motors employee union has satisfied with upcoming bonus plan of Tata motors Company. Tata motors, employee bonus will be credited in their within 20 days of time.

Not only bonus they will get but also 355 Employee were also permanent. Total 10.1% bonus will be given to more than 5600 employees. An agreement has been signed between Tata motors management and Tata motors worker union regarding 10.1% bonus and 355 temporary employee will be converted into permanent employee.

However, the bonus was less then 0.57 Yeah,% is less than to the year 2021 and that period 200 Van temporary imply was permanent . Mahamantri of Tata motors work union has given previous information that Rs.57,900 is maximum bonus to the employee of Jamshedpur plant and minimum Rs.43,485 is bonus for other employee.

On 10th October, all bonuses will be credited to 5600 workers in their bank account . Right now, 2700 Karamchari are working as a temporary or basic employee and they will be getting 8.33% bonus.