Ola Diamond Head Bike Price, New Lithium Cell, S1 X On Road

Ola Diamond Head Bike Price, New Lithium Cell, S1 X On Road: Ola has launched various is scooter and bikes on 15 August independence day of India. You can purchase 5 types of Ola S1 Series in the name of S1 Pro, S1 Air, S1X +, S1X 2 KW. 

Ola has also published software update to all costumers. Now they can download Ola MoveOS 4 update of beta version to be available from 15 September 2023. Another good news is 100 new costumer service centre has now opened in various cities and location. 

Now first talk about price of these scooters

S1 Pro: Rs 147000

S1 Air: 1 Lakh 20,000

S1X +: 1 Lakh 10,000 with offer price 99,999 but before 21 August 2023.

S1X 2 KW: It will cost you Rs 89,999 with an offer price of 79,999.

So all above scooters have good range and new software that gives extra boost to new generation riders. During launching of scooters and bikes, Bhavesh Agrawal revealed company first lithium cell at the event.

Ola Diamond Head: This bike is eye catcher and company will sell this bike globally. Current price is estimated Rs 3,50,000.The lineup consists of: - Cruiser -Roadster - Adventure Ola is calling the fourth bike the Diamond Head, a hypersports bike.