Netflix subtitle writer salary, $9 per minute, professional course

Netflix subtitle writer salary, $9 per minute: Hello in this episode we will talk about subtitle writers jobs. Right now OTT platform has captured online movie streaming sector. For example if you are living in India and people who know and love Hollywood Chinese and Japanese movie, they wants to see these movie in dubbed version and if dubbed version is not available or if movie is running in English or any language then in caption you will see subtitles of related story which continuously gives you feeling of what movie actor villain are saying or talking about.

In India there is no course related to subtitle writing but online course is available to do. Udemy is online education platform where you can search for subtitle writing professional course.

Tamil movie name I was very famous in Hindi belt audience and subtitler we have done subtitling job writing in I movie is Nandini Karki. She has also open an Subemy academy related to subtitling course where you can learn by giving nominal fees.

If any freelancer working as a subtitle writer in Netflix Amazon or any ott application like lionsgate Amazon then their earning a very good amount minimum 15000 and maximum 75000.

International company like Netflix gives subtitle writers by writing English to Hindi translation of any film for 1 minute is $9. This is the best price given by ott platform.

That's all about information on upcoming subtitle writers jobs in post production house.