Nepal Tomato Delhi NCR Price Rs 70 Per KG, Subsidy, Varanasi, Lucknow

Nepal Tomato Delhi NCR Price Rs 70 Per KG, Varanasi, Lucknow, NCCFI Tomato Subsidy Rate Per Costumer: Price of tomato is going up and down but in rainy season you will have to purchase that tomato with can cause you above 1 kg apple price. In Facebook Twitter YouTube and Instagram many people are making fun of tomato price.

Some people comparing tomato price with apple price and Some people comparing tomato price with Ginger and Some comparing coriander or dhaniya without tomato and if any person unable to buy expensive tomato of India then they have a replacement plan for tomatoes where they can buy tomato ketchup instead of 1 kg tomato.

Now here we have good news. Right now price of tomato is above 100 to 160 rupees per kg in Delhi Haryana Uttar Pradesh Kolkata Mumbai Gujarat, HP etc. Government of India contacting with Nepal government to provide tomato in large manner so that Indian people don't have to buy expensive tomato.

Nepal is already supplying tomato from storage and national cooperative consumer federation of India going to sell Nepali tomatoes in the region of Delhi NCR on subsidize rate and the price of these tomato will be 70 rupees per kg.

If the plan will be successful then all types of tomato going to sell in Uttar Pradesh region like Varanasi Lucknow Kanpur Gorakhpur prayagraj and etc and I am also growing tomato in my pot and backyard garden.

When will be a tomato price less expensive or cheaper than in the month of October the price of tomato will be equal. Did you extreme heat and whether tomato price is an acceptable to purchase by Indian consumers.