Airtel airfiber 5G Connection in UP, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Device Launch Date

Airtel airfiber 5G Connection in UP, Bengaluru Airfiber Launch Date, Kolkata airfibre X stream 5G, Device Connection launch date:Good news for all body Airtel has launched 5G connection device to all Indians who are searching cheap Wi-Fi wireless connection. Now after Airtel launches air fibre xtreame, jio will also launch jio airfiber very soon and some media resources says Reliance going to conduct annual General meeting 2023 where company will launch various types of new products and plans related to jio and Reliance.

So what is Airtel air fibre xtream. How to use Airtel air fibre 5g wireless device, how to buy, what is the cost and price of Airtel 5G air fibre and device location where Airtel air fiber extreme is available. These are the important questions that customer are asking before purchasing Airtel air fibre and the most important question is what is the plan of Airtel air fibre 5G X stream.

Right now you can buy Airtel air fibre in two locations first is capital city of India which is the Delhi and second is Mumbai. If you are living in both location then you are lucky to experience 5G Wi-Fi device connection.

Plan of Airtel airfiber 5G available in two types of services person is prepaid and second one is postpaid connection. If you have 5G phone then you are getting free internet service of 5G from Airtel and jio both but in upcoming month you will not get free internet service of 5G if you not come under the plan of Airtel 5G plan 2023.

In market there are two phones which you can buy in a cheap price first one is poco and second one is redmi 12 Pro 5G they cost rupees 10500.

Now no use of broadband wireless connection you can directly use free to air service from air fibre of any telecom companies living in India if they offering a fibre 5G connection.

Now what is the price of Airtel air fibre x stream device. You will get option of rupees 799 plan which offers 100 MBPS speed and this plan can be subscribe to for 6 month duration along with one time refundable deposit of rupees 2500.