Meta Verified Waitlist 2023 How Long Facebook Take Time

Meta Verified Waitlist 2023 How Long Facebook Take Verification Time, Meta Blue Verified Waitlist Time 2024, Meta Verified Vs Instagram Verification.

Benefits of using Meta Verified Account: Meta has given access of Blue tick verification to all people with government id and in gift Facebook will give you premium account benefits under Meta Verified subscription:

Increased account protection Worry less about impersonation with proactive identity monitoring.

A verified badge. 

Access to account support for most common issues. 

Active impersonation monitoring for accounts. 

Exclusive Stickers in your Facebook stories and reels.

Support when you need it Get answers more quickly about the things that matter to you. Right now, support is only available in English, French and Portuguese.

Unique stickers Express yourself with stickers only available to Meta Verified subscribers.

Age Limit: Meta Verified is not available for businesses or people younger than 18 years of age.

Meta Verified is available to those who have an individual or professional profile on Facebook and meet our eligibility requirements.

Meta Verified payment renewal: Meta Verified payments are charged on a monthly basis and automatically renew every month, unless you cancel at least 24 hours before your next payment date. You can request to cancel your Meta Verified subscription at any time.

You will automatically be charged every month (auto debit from your Master Card, Wallet) from your initial payment date, until you cancel your Meta Verified subscription. For example, if you purchased a subscription on July 24th, you will be charged again on August 24th, September 24th, and so on 1 month time.