McDonalds Grimace Birthday Meal Price, Purple Shake, Buy Shirt, Merch

McDonalds Grimace Birthday Meal Price, McDonald's Grimace Birthday Meal Purple Shake, McDonald's Grimace Buy Shirt Price, Grimace Merch

McDonald's purple shake popularly known as Grimace Shake will be released in a week. Uncle zone McDonald's will officially making Grimace Birthday Meal and Shake. 

1.Birthday Meal Big Mac Price: $18, 
2.10 Piece MC Nuggets: $17
3. Large French Fries
4. Medium French Fries
5. Purple Shake

Other Products: Grimace Shirt and Merch

McDonalds Grimace Meal Menu: Grimace Meal Menu includes Big Mac or 10 piece chicken Mcnuggets. The most important thing in this McDonald Grimace birthday Meal is purple shake. It has its unique colour and sweetness of purple pal.

1.Big Mac or an option to select 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets 

2.Medium French Fry 

3. McD first time Purple shake

Grimace was a character linked with McDonald's in the late 90s time. It was originally started in 1970 as a large purple for armed character with her clumsy and well meaning personality.

By the way Grimace was a popular character in McDonald's advertising campaign. But every character have a life so day by day it's charm has gone and McDonald has shifted its focus to other characters like Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar and other meal toys.