Justice Mukta Gupta in Supreme Court, 65 Final Judgement

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We will share about important judge of India who is women and her name is mukta Gupta and honorable judge has given 65 perfect decision which create history and inspiration for all upcoming advocates who are dreaming to become judge. Delhi high court judge justice Mukta Gupta has completed 14 years of her service and she has now retired and during her last day she has given a final judgement. Total 65.

So why judgement is so important ?

You all know that high court have a holiday period of summer and winter vacation but justice Gupta has not taken any type of leave and all bench were not in sitting mode.

She has given all types of judgement where she has turned death sentence into a 20 year jail. And she has also converted this sentence into life imprisonment. 

Now good news is also there Justice Gupta can now work in supreme court of India after her retirement.