Delhi Tomato Prices Per KG 2023 UP MP Gujarat Maharashtra

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Hello guys in this episode we will share about tomato price in Delhi UP MP Bihar Kolkata Mumbai, Pune, Haryana and why tomato price is high in June and July month.

If you want to avoid high prices of tomato then you should grow your tomato in your home or you can also consume less tomatoes. But it is not good right now by saying consume less because tomato is important vegetable in Indian days and without gravy we can't eat any vegetable. Because Tomato Gravy Masala is Taste of India.

During raining season the price of tomato you will see 80 to 100 or above 120. Because tomato nature love winter temperature and after rainy season the high prices of tomato will fall down again. 

Let's check the price of tomatoes in cities: in various cities is you will find the price of tomato will be 100 to 120 rupees. Price of also dependent on the quality of tomatoes which you are buying. 

1.Gorakhpur : 120 Rupees 
2.Bhubaneswar : 100 Rupees 
3. Maharashtra: 100 Rupees 
4. Delhi: 120 Rupees 
5. Madhya Pradesh : 100 Rupees 
6. kanyakumari: 110 Rupees 
7. Agartala: 105 Rupees 
8.Dhaar: 125 Rupees 
9.bellari: 110 Rupees 
10. Anarkulam : 110 Rupees 
11. Haryana: 120 Rupees 
12 Bihar: 100 Rupees

UP Tomato Price in these district: according to dainik Bhaskar news the price of tomato in places like Ayodhya Aligarh bhadohi sambhal is cheap. While in other Indore Jodhpur Raikot Chandigarh you can buy maximum 45 rupees per kg.