Instagram Create Group Profile Feature, How To Make, Ads on Profile

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How Many Members Can Join Instagram Group Profile: Groups, both private and public, can have up to 5,000 members. You can change your group profile from public to private at any time. Learn more about what you can do as the admin of a group profile.

If you create a public group profile, anyone on Instagram can see all posts and stories shared by members and can join your group.

How to Invite People on Instagram Group Profile: If you create a private group profile, members can only be invited or approved to join by an admin of your group profile. Note that only members of your private group profile can see posts and stories shared to it.

Instagram Private Group Profile: Public group profiles may be suggested to Instagram users to join, unless a group profile admin turns recommendations off. Private group profiles can also be suggested to users if the admin turns on recommendations. Learn how to manage recommendations for your group profile.

Why Instagram Launch Group Profile: May be Instagram community is growing and some creators have demanded special features.

Ads on Profile Feed: Instagram is on final stage to roll out ads on profile feed on creators accounts. But my opinion says don’t wait for Monetization and starts making videos for YouTube and Facebook.

Admins on Instagram Group Channel: Members of a private group profile can find a list of admins for the group by tapping Admins at the top of a profile. Note that anyone can see the list of admins for a public group.

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