YouTube Quiz Community Post Poll on iPhone iPad, Features, Question Answer

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If you have a YouTube channel and wants more subscribers, and also wants your old fans cum subscribers should not leave channels. Quiz poll is best way to grow your channel reach and make money from your long videos.

Android is main software of Google and YouTube. Google makes large number of revenue from all around the world. So Google give first update to android users in software update or any Play-store application. My meaning is YouTube quiz poll is running already on android phones. You can make poll with images and ask your subscribers to ask quiz questions and answers.

Finally YouTube creators insider on Wednesday given update on rolling out quiz poll on iPhone devices. iPhone YouTube creators were demanding this separate tab from long time. But best thing about YouTube is all creators are same. If new creators gets quiz poll than creators with million subscribers will also get it in same time.

1.If you want to start YouTube quiz poll, than it should be based on content or neutral.

2.You can also schedule youtube quiz poll, if you don’t have time.

3. YouTube quiz supports both image, text.

4. Always experiment on your YouTube quiz poll.