YouTube Launches Weekly Recap Analytics, Top 5 Features, Video Ideas

YouTube Launches Weekly Recap Analytics, YouTube Weekly Recap Top 5 Features, YouTube Video Niche Ideas, How To Check Revenue in YouTube Channel Studios, How to Earn Money from YouTube videos, YouTube ideas for making videos.

YouTube Launches weekly Recap features for all small and big creators. Meaning of Weekly Recap feature of YouTube is YouTube wants hidden talent who don’t know how to grow but their videos and shorts are unique. If they understand little bit YouTube language than this is golden opportunity for them.

YouTube Recap Feature was launched on 23rd May 2023 and it has small clips in image which gives you analytics on your weekly performance. You can compare all videos which have got less or more traffic in this YouTube recap button.

You can also see number of new subscribers added in your channel.

Which type of content people have search on both video and google search engine, you will get keywords also.

Which type of video in your channel, your old and new subscribers every time coming and watching.

How many people have liked your YouTube video, how many people share your video and how many subscribers have comment. All such thing is one place called YouTube Recap.

How much your channel earn revenue in 1 week including 1 month of revenue video.

Popular YouTube location where viewers are watching US Canada, Germany, India, Philippines, UAE, Singapore etc.