YouTube Add to Your Story Tab 26 June, Community Tab, Facebook Stories

YouTube Add to Your Story Tab 26 June, Community Tab Replaces YouTube Stories, Facebook Stories Vs YouTube Story, Why is YouTube Removes YouTube Story Tab, How To Make YouTube Story.

Hello friend welcome to our blog. And thanks for supporting me so let’s check the latest update on YouTube. Well, U2 going to cut its story tab from 27 June and the reason is there is no use of story tab or add to your story because community tab is already available.

But the main point is why Facebook has not removed its story tab ? YouTube new CEO has also given lectures on shorts and he says we are concentrating on shorts right now and making a new AI type ads for creators, who want more money from shorts.

Benefits of add to your story was to show your channel name, and your work directly on YouTube app in the homepage. Now on 26 or 27 June 2023 you will not be able to add your story of image or video or any type of text because YouTube will completely removing it from its YouTube. YouTube audience is totally different than Facebook audience. 

Facebook Search Vs YouTube Search: People search on YouTube and Google and in Facebook users not search so many, when they need at that they search. But engagement and reach in Facebook is very high.

This is personal question to all of you if you are reading my blog. 

1.Have you made any Facebook page like a YouTube channel ? 

2.Facebook RPM is more than YouTube Video RPM ?

3. Are you dependent only on YouTube 

4. Do you open any off-line business