Singapore Airlines 8 Months Employee Bonus, SIA Record Profit, Extra Salary

Singapore Airlines 8 Months Employee Bonus, SIA Record Profit 2023, Singapore Airlines 1.5 Months Extra Bonus, Singapore Airlines Staff 8 Months Salary. In this recession any company helping its employees with early bonus is great way to maintain loyalty of both company and staff.

The permanent staff will get profit and sharing bonus pay of total 6.65 months. Eligible staff may also receive a maximum of 45 days salary of ex-gratia bonus under recognition of their hard work and sacrifices during the Covid 19’pandemic.

By scanning booking up to August 2023, large number of tourist in Singapore are from China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, US and China. Singapore Airlines has made a milestone on net profit in 76 years of history. Up to 31st March 2023 company Earn Singaporean $2.16 Billion.

Earlier Emirates Airlines has also registers record net income and pay 6 months bonus for staff. This pattern applied by Singapore Airlines also and they’ve record net income & revenue upto March. Now 8 months bonus to Singapore Air Hands Staff is ready to be added in salary slip.

The Group recently signup an agreement with US Boeing to fulfil need of its aircraft order book. This includes swapping three 787-9s for three 787-10s, and cancelling eight 737-8s. These adjustments are in line with the Group's long-term fleet renewal strategy, and support its projected operational requirements. Following these adjustments, the Group currently has 100 aircraft in its order book'.