How To Verify YouTube Channel, 3 Steps, Advanced Features

How To Verify YouTube Channel, Youtube New Channel Verification Document Required, YouTube One Time Verification Unlocks Advanced Features, How to Verify Your YouTube Channel When You Open Or Create Channel First Time.

If you have made Youtube channel and uploaded video and your video is now older than two or three month than it is no problem for you.

In May month, YouTube has announced or launch three step verification for your YouTube channel where you will get advance feature directly. When you will add or pass a verification you can read all news on image.

To create posts and access other advanced features, choose a verification option. This helps us limit spam on YouTube and create a safer community for everyone.

Use video verification Approval time: Usually up to one day - We'll help you create a 30-second video of yourself.

Use your valid ID Approval time: Usually up to one day - Take a photo of your valid ID like a passport or driving licence.

Build channel history Approval time: Usually up to two months - Build history automatically as you grow your channel and follow the Community Guidelines.

Your ID/video verification will be automatically deleted from your Google Account within two years. It's usually deleted in a few months after you've built sufficient channel history, or after one year if you haven't used advanced features.


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