How To Enable Facebook Broadcast Channel, $100 Per Day, Monetization

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Facebook has officially rolled out Instagram broadcast channel features to all creators who have a verified page of Instagram. Slowly and steadily every Instagram creators will get features of making Instagram broadcast channel and we have already made an article on how to use or how to create or how to make money from Instagram broadcast channel. You can read or click on the link below.

Meta had also mention that in their future update they will give options to their Facebook user for making channels. Below is the message of Instagram official blog:

While we are first introducing this new feature to Instagram, we'll also be testing broadcast channels in Messenger and Facebook in the coming months. We'll have more to share as broadcast channels become more widely available.

Here are the tools you can use in Facebook Channel: 

1.Join Channel Button 

2.Convert Your Page into channel 

3.Paid Subscription 

4.Affiliate Marketing 

5.Text, Videos, Podcast, Short Reels, Images 

6. blog or website. 

7.Monetization your video content.

Meta is currently testing broadcast channels with a some users of U.S, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, France, Europe, Philippines, Japan, Singapore creators and plan to expand in the coming months.

How to get Instagram New Feature on Early Access: Creators who are interested can sign up to be considered for early access HERE: (please access the waitlist on your mobile device). Spots are limited and we will be providing early access on a rolling basis.