How to Become a Data Scientist, No Experience, Apple, Google, Tesla

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To become a data scientist, you typically need at least a four-year bachelor degree in computer science, data science, or a related stream of computing. Many data scientists also take master degree on education, professional certifications, and bootcamps. Most data scientist jobs require some relevant professional experience.

Work of Data Scientist: Main objective of Data Scientist is collect data from various sources. By analysing problems they make predictions or give tips by making graphs, algorithm and other insight to stake holders.

You can lookup taking the following steps to become a data scientist:

Opt a bachelor’s degree from reputed college in science streams like engineering, maths, IT or any other related field.

Sharpen relevant skills by taking online courses offered by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook,.Apple and certifications from University like Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Chicago and California University.

Get an entry-level data science job or internship in companies like Tesla, TCS, Wallmart, Black Rock, Standard Chartered etc.

Convert your normal degree into high quality professional by working on projects and contributing to open-source projects.