Facebook Ads on Reels Play Bonus $25 Payout, New Monetization Setting

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Recently Facebook has given update on ads on reels. Some Facebook creator, getting short $25 notification on their ads on reels. Which means they will get monthly payment if they complete $25 in a month.

YouTube gives its creator monthly payout system of hundred dollar if they complete. Maybe $25 notification of Facebook is wrong but one of the YouTube creator has updated this news on his channel that Facebook has given him update on $25 payout if he complete in June month.

$25 is very less but it is quite good for those students are new creators who want urgent money to know whether online learning is real or it’s fake. So you must make a Facebook page and complete 5000 followers and 60,000 minutes to get ads on real and in the Stream ads Monetization.

I will again provides information on ( meta-$25 notification of payout in bank account ) directly, so wait for me and thanks for reading my article and supporting me.

In upcoming month, you will see your Facebook going to change its page into a YouTube like channel. Instagram is already converting into a page of broadcast channel and your whatsapp name will be your username.