Dubai Bitcoin Tower Tickets, Worlds First Cryptocurrency Building

Dubai Bitcoin Tower Tickets, UAE Worlds First Cryptocurrency Building. Dubai to host the world's 1st #Bitcoin Tower, part of a new #Crypto-inspired, sustainable #Hotel chain. Guests to enjoy unique benefits like NFTs, s Staking, & Blockchain Technology. The Bitcoin Dubai Tower will be 40-story Tower, blending digital & physical #RealEstate, signifies the growing importance of #Cryptocurrency in today's world.

Dubai don’t want to depend on crude oil. One day well filled with crude will be empty and people are now moving to lithium, hydrogen, sodium and aluminum batteries. Dubai Government has ordered its developers and architects for converting Dubai Crude Oil country symbols into Bitcoin, International Sports Show, Films, Disney Parks and NEOM city. Where people can enjoy life what they are thinking in dreams.

Dubai Based Developers are thinking to make Bitcoin tower in city and announced upcoming project to construct World First Bitcoin Tower. It’s an innovative project that aims to showcase the importance of digital assets and #cryptocurrencies. It will be launched at the upcoming COP28 meeting in Dubai on May 24, 2023.

European Union has approved Cryptocurrency law. It will be accepted fully from March 2024. Now Dubai, city in the United Arab Emirates has accepted bitcoin. So many other countries you will see in future to accept Bitcoin.

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Right now Dubai makes daily $1 Billion from its crude oil. So they have lots of money and time. Dubai Administration is hiring talent from all around the world specially from US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China on permanent visa, business visa, golden visa etc. If they want to run business and startups. In return Dubai will offer permanent or dual citizenship.