10000 Bitcoin Pizza Day Papa John, 22 May 2010, $300 Million

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Person who have sell 10000 Bitcoin for 2 Papa John pizza is celebrating black day of his life because he don’t know the value of Bitcoin that today is something 1 Bitcoin : $30,000. He exchange 2 large papa john pizza with his 10,000 Bitcoin costs $250 to $300 Million today.

Discussion on bitcoin between costumer and Papa John Pizza Employee that you watching below have be readed 327851 times. This Papa John Pizza Bitcoin deal helps to make Callie of cryptocurrency in global market. And I personally request person who earn money from bitcoin who have sell him 10000 bitcoin. That he should transfer at least 1 percent so that he can buy some bitcoin for future trading.

On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two large papa john pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins. Person belongs to Florida, US state and by profession he was programmer. You can also call it first legal transactions of bitcoin.

Now today 22 May 2023 is celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day and you can participate in pizza giveaway on Twitter account such as Duckfactory.io, Gate io, Tectum, Diagon Studios, Crypto Puma, Bixos Incorporation, Ord.io, Blockhash Ventures, Liskhq, Pegapool etc.

Bixos Incorporation Pizza Day: As part of #PizzaDay celebrations, Bixos Incorporation is giving away PIZZA as a gift to 10 lucky individuals!