Reels Bonus Stop US Facebook Instagram, New Ad Revenue Sharing Models

Reels Bonus Stop US Facebook Instagram Creators, 10 March 2022 New Ad Revenue Sharing Models US Instagram US Creators No Reels Bonus, Upcoming Monetization Rules in Instagram Facebook.

if your Facebook bonus or Instagram reels bonus have generated payout of February and March month, 10th March.It means that you will receive your all bonus in April month.

New rules applied from the beginning of 10th March Upcoming, monetization rules same as YouTube shorts ad feeds.

Hello friend, here we have Meta Bonus news for all Instagram and Facebook creator living in US, who are making reels and waiting for their Instagram and Facebook reels bonus in March 2023 or April 21 in Bank account. The bonus programme was launched in the year 2021 and it was given to those content creators who were making daily videos and posting their content on Instagram and Facebook regularly.

According to media report, Reels bonus programme shutdown or close will impact creators living in US and this program was only given to those creator who are based in the US.

This Bonus program information was first published on business insider, which signals that Facebook are not going to pay short videos bonus. YouTube has already stopped shorts bonus program.

Instagram and Facebook bonus was a good choice of upcoming creators because Meta promoted videos makers by providing $10,000 in bonuses and some also claims that they have received $35,000 bonus in a month however, you have to bring more views in a millions.

During investor meeting of meta 2020 Results, Zuckerberg expressed that reels and short videos are not making enough money yet. Below are some important monetisation methods of Facebook. Monetization 

1.Stars Bonuses 

2.Live ads 

3.In-stream ads 


5.Instagram Ads on Profile Feed