Japan 7200 New Islands, Digital Map, No Dispute

Japan 7200 New Islands, New 7000 Islands of Japan Discovered. The country of Japan has search or find new Islands in a big mode. More than 7200 Island has been discovered by Tokyo capital city of Japan.

Not only 7200 mysterious Island in earth found in Japan but also many scientist are claiming that we have to discover new Earth in our planet Earth because 70% + our area is covered with water mountain and forest and there are many species animals plants insects and new untouched humans like sentinental Island of India are available to see.

Japan has found these new 7200 Islands when a submarine volcano accidentally erupts. This information given by Japanese coast guard and Japan Times. However many historian has also claim that Japanese current map is history and recently new digital map made by Japanese professors of geographic subject which reveals that Japan has already have 7000 Islands without any dispute. 

The government was using old map of 1987 and new digital map of Japan related to country border Island sea water river etc is know available to see so this digital map has claim that Japanese people can now go to these Rs 7000 new Islands without any passport and can travel by ship.

Japan belongs to Top 10 countries who have large number of islands after Sweden Finland Indonesia child Norway etc.

Japan has also Island dispute to the countries like Russia, South Sea China North Korea