Google Employee Open Letter To CEO, Sundar Pichai, Alphabet, Allowance

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Recently Google employee has written letter to CEO of Google who is Sundar pichai and more than 1400 employees has written open letter to Google CEO and they says don't become enemy.

Main reason behind writing letter to see you is there offset very regarding Google layof 2022 and 2023 and in this letter they have given many ideas so that it can help both company and its employees who are facing layoff.

And they have also said Google CEO to promise that half of their points should be discussed in the meeting and it must also be approved in Google employee meeting 2023. Main bhi you may hear some strike related tu Google office.

On 20 January 2023 Sundar pichai has sent an email and he discussed that they have 12000 layoff. In this Google layout 3023 many employees were both husband and wife are affected from this firing.

Google Employee Open Letter Imprtant Points: 

1.Google must stop new jobs opening and if they wants to recruit new people then they must prefer first old employee.

2.Before giving and making automatic resignation letter of employee or in layoff Google should give complete reason on why they are removing this person.

3. If any employee affected with Ukraine Russia war then they must protect those employees and make an approve faster visa approval and should not remove these employee on faster basis.

4. Take care of employee holiday maternal holiday children's bonding and any type of tragedy which affects employee.