Google AI Writing Tool US Features, Docs, AI Email

Google AI Writing Tool US Features, Generative AI Writing Tool Google Docs, Google ChatGPT AI Email Writing Features, How to Use Google AI Writing Tool, 

Google is adding some new features in there tools and if you are a blogger and rights articles for your company and as a personal blogger then you must listen our article voice. 

Microsoft is adding more and more money in artificial intelligence. And you all know ChatGPT 4 is already launched in in our upcoming post we will give you some information on chat GPT 4 features.

Google has recently announced Generative AI to its popular workspace and we all aware about it- G Mail, Google Images, Sheets and Docs. Through this new writing tool you can write text in Google Docs 

Google AI Writting Tool Features-

For example if you want to write post on job vacancy then Google AI writing tool will automatically rights all your post within a second and you can also edit it.

Suppose if you are HR professional and wants to write job description and invitation then this tool will help you in an easy way.

How to USe Google Writing tool: Tamil method to use Google writing tool is first you have to add a topic on your article and then will it create a draft and then you will see edit option where you can edit and add some your original text like copy paste.

One current time Google AI writing tool is available only for some selected users living in United State of America and in April month you will see some more countries will be added in Google AI writing to list and its full features will be launched in 2023 December.