Gavin Newsom Walgreens Abortion Pill, 20 States Ban, No Business

Gavin Newsom Walgreens Abortion Pill, 20 States Ban Walgreens Abortion Pill. Gavin Newsom is 48 governor of California and he is also foreigner lieutenant governor of California and recently Walgreens issued letter related to abortion pill in 20 States of United State of America, they will not distribute.

Walgreens do not distribute abortion peel in 20 States. Walgreens said from from there official Twitter account that there only plans to dispense abortion bill in those States where it is legally permissible to do so. And Walgreens upcoming plans to dispense Mifepristone (half of the abortions in US are performed with Mifepristone and misoprostol) will be based on certification of FDA.

Large number of female personality are not liking this plan of walgreens which bans abortion pill in 20 States and the share there response when pharma company release statement.

Walgreens Abortion Pill Stock Market: Now the effect of walgreens 20 state abortion pin (Republican Dominated states) ban plan is going downward in their share prices. Now the stock prices are going up and down.

Ashley Zavala is certified user and share her latest news related to California Walgreen business. She said the pharmacy giant donated more than $220K to California lawmakers in latest election cycle.

California will cut all their are business ties with pharma company, Walgreens.