Donald Trump 10 Freedom Cities 2024, Baby Plan, American Heroes

Donald Trump 10 Freedom Cities 2024 Presidential Election Baby Plan, American Heroes. Donald Trump going to make 10 freedom cities and flying cars, if he will win presidential election, 2024. Recently, in a public gathering, Donald Trump has given information on his upcoming urban development plan by tagging it quantum Leap in the American standard of living.

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden party has started their campaign and in the latest campaign of Donald Trump he proposes 10 freedom cities, which will equal to the size of Washington DC where white house is there.

In his plan of 10 freedom cities, he named agenda 47 and said a new opportunity for American people by land with ownership and dream. And he also proposes money bonus and wants to increase those families population to become new parents under baby bonus plan.

Population of America according to its size is not in ratio so Donald Trump has said to all his American supporter to vote for him and if he win presidential election 2024, then will give money to those parents under baby bonus plan.

The imagination of 10 freedom city of Donald Trump is to support and make real American imagination, and he also called a garden of American heroes, which would feature popular celebrities statues in the field of political art, science and sports.

Recently, Donald Trump has also introduce trade policy paper 2024, related to China and in this trade policy Donald Trump will fines China because China has stolen many American technologies and companies that can make America great again and now American people have to go foreign countries to search for jobs.