ChatGPT Plugins App For Free, Open AI Plug-ins Android, iPhone

ChatGPT Plugins App For Free, Zapier Open AI ChatGPT Plug-ins Download For Android, iPhone, How to Use ChatGPT Plugins Application on your PC, Smartphone ChatGPT Plug-in List 2023. Using #ChatGPT to easily create #ChatGPTplugins  #OpenAI #GPT4 #AI #python

Now ChatGPT Plugins is available to all countries who have any Android or iPhone running devices. You can install ChatGPT plug-in on your personal computer or table also. ChatGPT has a brand new plugin that changes everything and it uses the Bing API techno to access the current, up-to-date internet.

Open AI also hosting two plugins themselves, a web browser and a code interpreter. They open-sourced the code for a knowledge base retrieval plugin, to be self-hosted by any developer with information with which they’d like to augment ChatGPT.

Zapier launched a ChatGPT plugin! Now, you can connect and interact with @Zapier’s 5,000+ apps directly within ChatGPT.In Upcoming updates beta plugin is rolling out and will be available to all Zapier users with ChatGPT Plus.

A ChatGPT plugin consists of 3 things: 
1. An HTTP server 
2. An OpenAPI spec 
3. A manifest file