Canada C 18 Bill Law News Facebook Google, No Sharing, Pay Commission

Canada C 18 Bill Law News Facebook Google, Canada C 18 Bill Facebook Instagram, meaning of Canada Bill C 18 is an act of online communication platform which people search and get all types of useful information under news content.

If this C 18 bill applied then it provide the commission to news agency with any information that it requires for the purpose of verify. In an open letter to citizen of Canada Google Facebook and Instagram will drop news sharing in Canada. ON 11TH MARCH FACEBOOK HAS CONFIRMED THAT IT WILL DROP NEWS SHARING IN CANADA under Bill NAME C-18.

Now Google is testing and removing new links from their search result of and meta has consume that it will block new sharing honest platform in Canada.

One person has explained about upcoming c18 bill if it will passed. He says Facebook have to remove not just links to news but all links for this to work such as links to blocks links to businesses links to add and links to marketplace etc. And he also put up question that should Facebook have the power to sensors the Canadians freedom of speech.

ChatGPT is already working and Google is making more than 1000 artificial intelligence languages that would support chat GPT and here news came of Canada c18 and C 11 bill. 

Michael Geist, Law Professor in Canada says CEO of village media is one of the largest online media companies in Canada and they have lots of sites related to regional communities of Canada. And Bill C18 will harm smaller and independent media if new sharing and search is blocked by tech giants like Facebook Instagram Google.