AUKUS Tomahawk 220 Missile To Australia in Submarines Deal

AUKUS Tomahawk 220 Missile To Australia in Submarines Deal. Tomahawk is all weather Missile and it is subsonic cruise missile with ability to hit target from its AI powered sensor. Australia now going to complete the deal of purchasing 220 Tomahawk missile with US Defence.

US 220 Tomahawk Missiles is under 3 country group named AUKUS, which China always want to broke this group from their information warfare. The total cost of Australia US Tomahawk Missiles notified by US State Department is something $895 million ($1.3 Billion with new technology transfer).

China after listening 220 Missile deal of Australia US. Then they condemn this defence purchase and says it will imbalance regional peace like India when purchase advance military equipment from US, Israel. China says this deal should Target South China Sea or their Ally like North Korea and Russia.

Before US 220 Missile Deals, Australia Defence to get Nuclear Submarines from US before 2030. This nuclear Submarines plan is in billion dollar budget. Best feature of Tomahawk Cruise Missile as it can be fired from Australia Nuclear Submarines.

Now Australia has become second US Ally after UK to get US made weapon. Pentagon has approved the sale of 220 Tomahawk Missile under AUKUS security pact.