YouTube Shorts Feed Algorithm 2023 Revenue News, Make Money Online

YouTube Shorts Feed Algorithm 2023 Revenue News, Algorithm How to make Make Money Online Youtube Shorts Feed Revenue, This Shorts Monetization module (this "Module") is made under and incorporated into the terms under which you participate in the YouTube Partner Program (the "Terms"), and is effective February 1, 2023 or the date you agree to this Module (whichever is later). Please read this Module carefully. Capitalized words used but not defined in this Module will have the meaning given to them in the Terms.

Applicability. This Module applies to Shorts. "Short (s)" means content made available through the Service in the feed-based video player interface currently known as "YouTube Shorts" (the "Shorts Player"). The "Shorts Feed" describes the video feed section of the Shorts Player that contains Shorts and which may be interspersed with ads and other recommended content, but for clarity does not include:

a. Parts of the Shorts Player that display multiple Shorts simultaneously (including still images) for purposes other than viewing an individual Short (e.g. for search, browsing or navigation); or 

b. any ads shown upon opening of the Shorts Feed before a Short is viewed.

C.Your Shorts views can earn revenue from ads that run in between videos in the Shorts Feed.

D.You can also earn revenue when a YouTube Premium subscriber watches your content in the Shorts Feed.

E.You can now turn on Shorts Feed monetisation to earn from ads and YouTube Premium starting 1 February 2023