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YouTube Shorts Ad Revenue Pay in Adsense Account, Google YouTube Shorts Video Message Notification to Subscribers, YouTube Shorts Video Latest News 2023, How Shorts Revenue Divided into Channels.

In our today’s session, we will talk about YouTube shorts notification to those user who have subscribe to your channel. You all know that YouTube department of shorts releases date of making money online from first February 2023.

20 January 2023 update of YouTube shorts is your subscriber will receive your uploaded video notification like long video. It’s a good news for all people who are making their fresh channel video, old channels of shots that have large amount of subscribers in their channel bank account will rise from this notification.

In 2022 YouTube don’t give shorts notification for subscribers but day by day after watching analytics or comparing small channels to big channels and watching feed count of shorts. YouTube has change its decision and roll out rule that shots are also eligible to get notification on your app like YouTube long videos.

And the most important thing that I am going to tell you, if you are making shorts on your channel and want to make a career in YouTube. then don’t copy others people video. Because big channels are now giving copyright strike to small channels, which are now growing in a large quantity and also getting huge numbers of real subscribers in 2023.

So big channels don’t want other people copy their video.

Now, main question is how you will get paid in shorts monetization rule, February 2023. Suppose with hypothetical example that if you’re watching Mr Beast Shorts on your YouTube app, and you have watched total Insurance 4, Gaming 5, Vlogs  6 shorts in line of other channels, including your channels, and after watching 4 shorts or reel, 5 shorts, one ad (advertisement) will shown.

Then revenue of that ad will be divided between four shorts video that you have watched. Including your video, If someone have watched your short video.